Add zoom feature on products

Improve the product browsing experience by adding a zoom feature on all of the product images in your shop.

Enabling product zoom

In order to enable the zoom feature on all the product images on product pages in your shop, expand Settings and click Product Zoom. Tick the box Enable Product Zoom to activate the zoom feature.

What does product zoom look like?

Once activated, product zoom is applied to all images on the product page in your shop. When a visitor hovers on a product image, the cursor turns into a square which magnifies the active area of the image. 

Recommended product image sizes

In order for the zoom effect to always work correctly on all images, it's important that you upload product images with a size of at least 700x700 pixels. If images are smaller than that, the zoom square may display an empty space around the edges of the image and sometimes zoom out on images rather than zoom in.


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