Lazy Loading Images

This setting allows you to enable lazy loading on images on your site. Lazy loading is a technique that defers images loading until they are visible on the screen; this saves bandwidth and can improve page loading time and user experience.

1. How to enable lazy loading images?

To enable lazy loading, simply check the option "Enable Lazy Loading Images" and finish by pressing the Save button on top of the page. This setting will impact the way images load on the following modules and pages: Blog Module, Blog Post Page, Product Catalog, Product Page, Product Checkout Pages, Gallery, Image, Image List and Price List. Please note that the loading settings will only be applied after you publish your site and it is not possible to preview lazy loading on the editor itself or on the site preview.

2. Lazy Loading - Visual Representation

With lazy loading, images only load when they are visible on the screen. This can save the user's bandwith and considerably improve their experience on your site.

3. Eager Loading - Visual Representation

Eager loading is the loading technique by default and it is the opposite of lazy loading; with eager loading, all related elements on the page are loaded, whether they are visible on screen or not, which might increase the overall loading time.


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