Add & Manage Groups

Groups is the second section of the CRM tab. In this section it is possible to add, manage and delete user groups.

Defining Groups

You might find yourself struggling to define different groups. The idea is that you should create groups in which your users share similarities. Think that the use of groups is to define groups of people that have access to the same pages or receive the same newsletter; frequently used groups include job titles, departments, responsibility level, etc. Be creative and add groups that are useful to your business.

1. Groups Overview

You can find all your existing groups on this section. In front of each group you will find a small icon with a number - that number represents the number of users on that group; click on top of the group field to reveal all the users that are included in the group.

1.1. Add Group

To add a new group, simply click on the Add Group button. You will then be asked to name the new group; finish by clicking on the Ok button.

1.2. Delete Group

To delete an existing group, simply click on the small cross icon on the right side of the specific group. You will be asked whether you confirm that decision; click yes to delete the group completely and cancel to go back to the group list.

2. Attribute Group to Users

To attribute a group to a new or existing user, simply click on the Groups section once you are in the user card. Click here to read more about how to create and manage users.

3. Apply User Groups

User Groups are extremely useful to define access to password protection pages - read more about password protection here - or to specify newsletter recipients - find all about newsletters here.


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