In order to set up payments you must fill out the preferences related to the individual provider. It is thus a different setup you must follow whichever payment provider you are about to set up. Below you will find how to fully complete the fields in order to activate the payment method Please note we have no control over the interface on this provider so your experience on the site may be slightly different, however the steps will likely be similar.

Disclaimer: Before syncing a payment gateway with the Editor you need to first create a separate account with the payment gateway. This usually requires you providing your bank details and selecting an appropriate subscription type with that particular payment gateway. Please be aware that the Editor is only set up to accept direct credit card payments via payment gateways, not alternative payment methods such as mobile payments, payments in instalments, etc. Make sure to keep this in mind when selecting your subscription type with the payment gateway and avoid choosing a type that supports alternative payment methods. 

Sign up with here.

Once you have registered an account you can log in here and progress through the steps below to integrate it with the Editor.  

Payment Method Name

Often the consumer doesn't recognize the name of Payment Gateways and therefore might not know what payment option it is associated with. It is helpful to add a Payment Method Name that the consumer will recognize. information

You need the following information to setup your payment account: API Login ID, Transaction key & Public client key. Follow the guide below to retrieve the information from your account.

1. Log in to your account and head to the Account menu.

2. You find the relevant information on API Credentials & Keys & Manage Public Client Key.

3. In API Credentials & Keys, you'll find the API Login ID and the New Transaction Key. To generate a New Transaction Key, please insert the answer to your secret question and click Submit. The system will generate a New Transaction Key which you need to paste into the corresponding field in the Editor.

4. To retrieve the Client Key, click on Manage Public Client Key.


Finish by clicking on Save and remember to toggle on the payment gateway.

Payment Settings - Overview

To get an overview on how to set up and enable payments, as well as what bank transfer and manual gateways are, click here.


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