Enable social media opt-in

Enable the social media opt-in function to inform your visitors that their data might be shared with social media providers when they interact with a social share module. This gives your visitors the option to give their explicit consent for social media share modules before they interact with the module and share data.     

1. How to enable social media opt-in

In the editor, click Settings and choose the Enable social media opt-in option. Activate social media opt-in by check marking the "Enable social media opt-in" function. 

When enabling social media opt-in, a toggle and hover function is automatically added on all social media share modules on your website. To engage with the modules, the visitor needs to activate the toggle and thereby consent to the fact that social media providers may be collecting their data. Once toggled, the social media plugins will be visible and the visitor can now interact with them. Before toggling the function, an overlay with information and a link to your privacy policy will appear when the visitor hovers the social plugin. 

2. Information about social media opt-in

When enabling social media opt-in, the function is added to all social media share modules without exception. In other words, either all social media modules contain the opt-in or none of them do. 

The social media opt-in function requires three types of information: text on hover, link text label and link. 

Text on hover is the information text visitors see on the overlay and is used to inform them about what the opt-in means and why it's there. Link text label is the text on the link to your privacy policy. Finally, you can choose to either direct visitors to an external link or to an internal page when they click the link.

Tip: if you don't write any text in the Text on Hover field, a default text will appear when users hover the toggle on the website.

3. How to style social media opt-in

In order to adjust the color of the social media opt-in with the background of the website, click Build in the Editor. Under Global Styling, choose social media opt-in. Here, the color of the social media opt-in can be changed both in the normal as well as in the hover state. If desired, a border can be added around the social media opt-in as well.

4. What modules does it apply to?

The social media opt-in function applies to all social media modules except for the Social Media Links module.


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