User Data Report

With the User Data Report feature you're able to quickly generate a full report on what data you have collected on specific users from forms, in CRM, E-Commerce and from Blog comments.

The User Data Report feature searches and displays the following types of data that users have submitted on your website: 

To access the User Data Report feature, navigate to Settings and click User Data Report.

1. Locating user data

Search for specific user data by inputting either a name or an email address in the search field. Access a full overview of the data by clicking "View" on the specific user.  

Tip: searching for an email address usually yields the best results. Users might not always input their names in the same format across your site - for example, they might write "J. Anderson" when submitting a form and "Jimmy Anderson" when placing an order on your online shop - but their email address is consistent. 

On the User Data Overview page you can view all the data you have collected on the selected user, broken down by data type. You can expand the various data types to view individual pieces of submitted data. 

2. Downloading a user data report

You can download a report in PDF format with all the data on a specific user or parts of it. Tick the categories of data you'd like to download and click "Download Report".


The report lists all the pieces of data collected on the specific user. You can see the type of information submitted, the actual content inputted by the user, a timestamp indicating when the information was submitted, and whether the field was required (mandatory) or not. 

3. Deleting user data

If, for example, a user requests his or her data to be deleted, you're able to do so from within the CRM and Blog features.


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