Uberall Synchronization Manager

The Uberall Synchronization Manager allows you to easily integrate your website with your Uberall account. Find the Uberall Synchronization Manager under the Apps tab.

Synchronisation Settings

If you wish to synchronize the information of your website back to Uberall, toggle on the Synchronization Enabled option and paste your Uberall account ID in the field. 

Where do I find the account ID?

1. Once you have logged in on your Uberall account, navigate to the Accounts menu on the left side panel. Click on the account that you wish to sync data to.

2. Find the account ID by clicking on the address bar in your browser. The account ID is the number immediately after the final slash (/).

3. Finally, paste the account ID in the field in the Editor, enable the synchronization and click the Save button. Your website is now successfully integrated with your Uberall account. Your data will be synced when you publish your website in the Editor. 

Global Data Items Synched

From the Editor to Uberall

zip, city, state, country, lat, long, phone, fax, email, description_short, description_long, legal information, opening hours, social media, payment methods, lists, videos, images


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