Yext Synchronization Manager

The Yext Synchronization Manager allows you to easily integrate your website with your Yext account. Find the Yext Synchronization Manager under the Apps tab.


If you wish to synchronize the information of your website back to Yext, all you must do is toggle on the Synchronization Enabled option and enter the location ID, the Customer Username and the Customer User ID into the respective fields.


1. Log into Yext

2. Click the name in the top right

3. Click "Developer Console"

4. Scroll to the bottom and create an app if one hasn't been made by clicking "New App" next to Your Apps

5. Go to the new app and click on "Manage Webhooks" at the bottom

6. Click "Configure Webhook" for "Locations"

7. Enter in the URL and click "Save"


1. Once you have logged in on your Yext account, make sure you are under the Locations tab and click on top of the location you wish to synchronize with the Editor.


2. At the listing information page, navigate to the bottom to find the Internal Use Only section. You can find the Location ID as the Store ID /Entity ID, on that section.

3. The Customer Username is optional; if a username is entered, then the Yext account administrator will see that name in the logs whenever the profile is synchronised from the Editor back to Yext.

4. It is possible to find the Customer User ID in the URL, after /s/.

5. Finally, insert the Location ID and the Customer ID in the respective fields, enable the synchronization and click the Save button. Your website is now successfully integrated with your Yext account.


From Yext to the Editor

company name, street, zip, city, state, country, country_code, lat, long, phone, phone_1(alternate), phone_2(mobile), phone_3(tty), fax, description_short, description_long, mission, opening hours, payment methods, images, websites, social medias, price lists, videos, reviews, logo, cover, emails & additional attributes

If your Yext account includes links to a Facebook and/or Squarespace account, data from those accounts will be merged into the Editor too. This is only relevant for information that's not included in Yext - e.g. if your Yext account doesn't include a phone number but your included Facebook account does, the phone number will be merged to the Editor from Facebook. Yext is the dominant source, meaning that if you later add a different phone number to Yext, it will overwrite the data added to the Editor from Facebook.

From the Editor to Yext

company_name, street, zip, city, state, country (only US), lat, long, phone, fax, email, description_short, description_long, opening hours, social media, payment methods, lists, videos


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