Sitemap Submission

So that you can have a better chance of quick indexation of a site and its recent changes as well as gain SEO benefits, it is possible to have the XML sitemap submitted to leading search engines every time your site is published. It is possible to find the Sitemap Submission option under the Apps menu.

How to Submit Sitemap

Manually: to submit your sitemap to search engines, click the "Submit Sitemap" button. Please note that the sitemap will only be submitted if the site has been published; moreover, pages that have been set to "Not index" won't be indexed and included in the sitemap. Learn how to change the index settings here!

Automatically: if you want the sitemap to be submitted automatically every time you publish your site, toggle Automatically submit the sitemap every time the website is published.

Why submit the sitemap?

Using a sitemap doesn't guarantee all the items in your sitemap will be crawled and indexed as Google processes rely on complex algorithms to schedule crawling. However, in most cases, your site will benefit from having a sitemap and you'll never be penalized for having one.


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